Slot canyon in southern Utah black and white.
Abstract image of reflections on the surface of water.
Mountain winter scene overcast sky.
Wooden split rail fence on Civil War battlefield in sepia.
Mallard duck drake on the water.
Mountains and clouds of Nevada black and white.
Hiker in the mountains surrounding the Bonneville Salt flats in Utah black and white.
Panoramic of the Bonneville Salt flats of Utah.
Clouds over mountains along the Delta River, Alaska in black and white.
Aspen tree leaves.
Black and white of sunset along the Turnagain Arm, Alaska.
Red Fox.
Cracked dry land black and white.
Dall Sheep Ewe.
Land formation in the desert of Nevada.
Stream tumbling downhill.
Stand of Birch trees with ferns.
Holes in rock in the desert of Nevada black and white.
Wood duck drake in water.
Abstract image of Birch trees.
Grizzly Bear resting on a log.
Small waterfall in a stream black and white.
Wild horses in the desert black and white.
Grass growing on rock near a pool of water at sunset.
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